Bits of Practical Wisdom

Bits of Practical Wisdom

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God gave man dominion over the earth, and the practical wisdom to use it for his good and His glory God placed the treasures of the earth for mana€™s benefit. Political correctness denies Goda€™s goodness, while practical wisdom directs thankful use of His bounty. We were told we could not drill our way out of our problems while practical thinking doers were proving the stupidity of the statement. Ivory tower thinking is of little use to our progress while practical planning is our salvation from crisis. Dishonest charlatans pursue politically correct ideologies, while wise people use practical solutions. Practical plans always trump divisive dreams. Practical planning and hard work built our great nation a€“ political correctness and sloth are destroying it. Practical truthfulness applied to our many problems can, in Goda€™s will, overcome the evil plans of our dishonest, lying oppressors. The Golden Rule Jesus gave us is the epitome of practical consideration of others. The Marshall plan after WW II was practical wisdom applied a€“ pacification of Islam before WW III is ideological suicide. Practical plans and hard work built this great nation - ivory tower thinking and slothfulness is its doom. Practical workers build houses on rock foundations a€“ Foolish men build on sand, and great is their fall. See Matthew 7: 24-27. A practical man planning to build a tower, sits down first and counts the cost. See Luke 14:28. Practical people energetically earn their keep and support others a€“ lazy dreamers feel entitled to exist on the fruits of othersa€™ efforts. Practical politicians endorse responsible, truthful fiscal policies a€“ dishonest liars waste our resources and leave the pitiful mess for our grandchildren to suffer under. Impractical charlatans promise anything to gain power a€“ practical planners tell the truth, even when it is unpopular. The lies of evil leaders imprison the souls of the masses a€“ the truth shall make us free. See John 8:32. Peace and joy come to practical people. Dishonest dreamers exist in turmoil and fear. One practical person benefits the community more than a score of entitled lay-abouts.Some, no, many of those pills arerightly called miracle medications. ... is the pain relief pills called opioids, with names like oxycodone, methadone, hydrocodone, and vicodin among many more. ... It saysthat fifteen thousand of our countrymen died from overdoses of these pills last year. ... Anyone whohas suffered the extreme paincaused by some kidney stones knows you cannottake enough Tylenoloranbsp;...

Title:Bits of Practical Wisdom
Author:Vernon Gilbert
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2015-01-21


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