Bizarre Fables About Stupid Choices

Bizarre Fables About Stupid Choices

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A man with incredible willpower searches the world over for an addiction he cannot overcome. A billionaire without heirs uses an amnesia drug to see who is worthy to inherit his fortune. These and other bizarre fables show what love really is (and isna€™t), why addictions and pride are so deadly, the need for moral values, and how judging ourselves positively may be the best judgment we ever make.When the man cockily went to the garbage collectora#39;s house one day and confronted him with his new argument, the garbage man simply scratched his head, and said, ... In frustration, he went to see his friend the attorney, to get his advice on what to do about such unreasonable people. ... said the man, turning to leave.

Title:Bizarre Fables About Stupid Choices
Author:E. Reltso
Publisher:E. Reltso - 2014-10-08


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