Black Feminist Thought

Black Feminist Thought

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In spite of the double burden of racial and gender discrimination, African-American women have developed a rich intellectual tradition that is not widely known. In Black Feminist Thought, Patricia Hill Collins explores the words and ideas of Black feminist intellectuals as well as those African-American women outside academe. She provides an interpretive framework for the work of such prominent Black feminist thinkers as Angela Davis, bell hooks, Alice Walker, and Audre Lorde. The result is a superbly crafted book that provides the first synthetic overview of Black feminist thought.Early on, Brooks learned that a clear pecking order existed among African- Americans, one based on onea#39;s closeness to Whiteness. ... for lighter-skinned Blacks, discriminating against darker ones or against any African-Americans who appear to reject White images of beauty. ... We see the sadness of a young Black girl sitting in a kitchen, holding her ears so they wona#39;t get burned by the hot comb that willanbsp;...

Title:Black Feminist Thought
Author:Patricia Hill Collins
Publisher:Routledge - 2002-06-01


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