Black Man With a Gun

Black Man With a Gun

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AMERICAa€™S WORST NIGHTMARE IS AN ARMED BLACK AMERICANa€™S WE APONRY OF EDUCATION. Shooting his ammunition of applied knowledge. Th e ability to articulate the Black opinion fi red through his pen and paper as direct force to protect his family and self from the wicked actions of others. Black Man with a Gun compels Blacks to defend and protect themselves with justifi ed force when confronted with incidents of unfairness. Black males must choose to engage or disengage; protecting yourself / engaging must be done with fully loaded weaponry of immediate, competent, and concise application of your education. One must be prepared to willfully, intentionally, and lawfully engage in political and social issues. Th e Black male must be prepared with the ammunition of research, courage and perspicacity. Load, reload and fire at will. Let your opinions exit your weapon (brain) with intense force. When giving our opinions or protecting ourselves ita€™s best to fight and lose than kneel in defeat, so sound the trumpet of no retreat. Call and hear how weaponry is put into action at 612.387.4546.Opinion Number Nine Leadership a€“ Theory aamp; Practice A Man Not Afraid to Lead Let me start off by stating, I am critical of ... In like manner, Mr. Rosenbloom too exemplified the leadership practice of psychodynamic approach, whereas heanbsp;...

Title:Black Man With a Gun
Author:Lucky Rosenbloom
Publisher:iUniverse - 2011-02-21


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