Black Separatism and Social Reality

Black Separatism and Social Reality

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Black Separatism and Social Reality: Rhetoric and Reason deals with the contemporary debate over black separatism in America. It brings together for the first time many of the perspectives, ideas, orientations, and ideologies that all directly or indirectly address the question of black separatism - pro and con - from the vantage point of their own realities. It raises fundamental issues that have recurred throughout the last century and continue unabated today, such as whether black Americans should seek their political destiny apart from white Americans, or whether economic growth within the black community can eventually lead to true qqblack power.qq This book is comprised of 31 chapters and begins with a historical overview and social reality of black separatism in America, how and why black separatist movements emerge and why separatism appeals to some individuals and not to others. The next section explores the similarities of white racist assumptions and black separatism as well as the arguments for and against separatism. The prospects of black separatism are analyzed, along with Pan-Africanism and black studies. A comprehensive review of the history of separatist thought and a bibliography concerning the relation of Afro-Americans with Africa are presented. The possibility of a violent confrontation between whites and blacks is also considered. Finally, the book ponders the question of whether there is a need for a distinct, qqblackqq social science. This monograph will appeal to sociologists, social scientists, political scientists, politicians, blacks, and scholars of black studies.modify the character of a whole race of people was, in truth, criminal and unforgivable; that it succeeded so well is, even today, difficult to fathom. ... How much more was it to be anticipated that the African should suffer difficulties in reasoning and perception after ... which would have a special desire to serve loyally and love its master more than itself, notwithstanding any degree of cruelty imposed upon it.

Title:Black Separatism and Social Reality
Author:Raymond L. Hall
Publisher:Elsevier - 2013-10-22


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