Bless His Heart

Bless His Heart

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From the bestselling author of The GRITSAr Guide to Lifea€”a manual for catching, loving, feeding, and living with Southern men If youa€™re living and breathing in this country, chances are you know a male GRITS (Gentlemen Raised In The South), and if youa€™re Southern yourself (or just wish you were), chances are you love him, bless his hearta€”but you sure dona€™t understand him. Does your man: * Know every single word to his schoola€™s fight song? * Love MoonPies, RC Cola, and GooGoo Clusters? * Still think Mama can do no wrong, even though hea€™s got grandchildren of his own? Whether he lives in a tar-paper shack or a columned mansion, Deborah Ford celebrates and roasts the wonderful, entertaining, and downright crazy male GRITS who Southern women cana€™t live without.... and make every woman, whether shea#39;s wearing real diamonds or paste from the five-and-dime, feel like a princess. ... If I have hope, honey, anyone can, so keep your eyes open and a smile on your face, and your prince will come along.

Title:Bless His Heart
Author:Deborah Ford
Publisher:Penguin - 2007-11-27


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