Blink 182 - The Band, The Breakdown & The Return

Blink 182 - The Band, The Breakdown & The Return

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THE FIRST AND ONLY BIOGRAPHY TO CHART ONE OF PUNK ROCKa€™S MOST INFLUENTIAL AND IMPORTANT BANDS. Blink-182 started off as a power-punk trio that gigged relentlessly and goofed about constantly. Yet, over the course of five blistering studio albums, Blink evolved into one of the most influential post-punk outfits in music, which led to sales in excess of 20 million records worldwide. They split up in 2005 amidst tales of barbed acrimony after which the band was replaced by running record labels, founding merchandising empires, forming numerous splinter bands such as +44 and Angels a Airwaves, screening MTV reality shows and escaping a fatal plane crash. Then in 2009, Blink-182 shocked the world by announcing they were reforming with a new album and a rash of massive live shows. This unofficial and unauthorised book tells the story of the band through exhaustive research and a slew of exclusive interviews from people who have worked with and around the band, chronicling for the first time ever a seminal modern rock act. UNOFFICIAL a UNAUTHORISEDIt started to germinate into the idea of making a solo album, producing it all himself and calling in hired shots to spit and ... DJ AM and Barker released a downloadable mixtape called Fix Your Face through their website in all its inventive glory.

Title:Blink 182 - The Band, The Breakdown & The Return
Author:Joe Shooman
Publisher:John Blake Publishing - 2010-06-24


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