Blow by Blow

Blow by Blow

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Lanisha Elder thought she found a diamond in the rough. Her sexy boxer beau has nine first-round knock-outs under his belt, and Lonzo put a ring on her finger, promising to never stray as he pursues his championship dreams. But it's hard to keep a roof over their heads in the meantime. Strapped for cash, Lonzo goes to work for a notorious crime boss, and trouble soon follows him to the people he loves. With her and her baby's life in danger, Nisha's not sure if she and Lonzo will make it to the final bell. Things get even more complicated when Nisha's first love returns from the war. Ellis is a handsome and decorated Marine now, and he would love to swoop in and deliver Nisha from the madness she calls life.He checked out Lonzoa#39;s 1994 Buick LeSabre and then looked away before Lonzo saw him. a€œSo, howa#39;s it been going with you, man? You still waiting for the big one?a€ a€œIa#39;mgetting close, a€ Lonzo said, buthis shoulders droopedin defeat. a€œ Howyouanbsp;...

Title:Blow by Blow
Author:Keith Thomas Walker
Publisher:Genesis Press, Inc. - 2012-01-03


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