Blowguns and Bouncing Pigs: Traditional Toymaking

Blowguns and Bouncing Pigs: Traditional Toymaking

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The Foxfire Americana Library takes you back to the good ola€™ days with a collection of simple, classic toys that can be made at home. Complete with illustrated step-by-step instructions, a€œBlowguns and Bouncing Pigsa€ includes advice on how to make: Ball and Cups Blowguns Bouncing Pigs Bows and Arrows Bubble Blowers Bull Grinders Buttons on a String Climbing Bears Corn Guns Cornstalk Animals Cornstalk Fiddle Apple-head Dolls Cucumber Dolls Fluttermills Fly Guns Hoops Jumping Jacks Kicking Mules Limberjacks Pop Guns Puzzles Rattletraps Rolling Clowns Sling Shots Smoke Grinders Squirt Guns Stick Horses Stilts Grapevine Swings Rope Swings Tops or Dancers Whimmy Diddles or Jeep Sticks Hollow Whistles Split Whistles Whittled AnimalsWea#39;d use a wad of newspaper and put it in there and make it shoot. ... Kenny claims that homemade puzzles like the ones he makes have been around in the mountains to fascinate children on rainy days for as long as he can remember.

Title:Blowguns and Bouncing Pigs: Traditional Toymaking
Author:Foxfire Fund, Inc.
Publisher:Anchor - 2011-09-06


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