Blue Dragon and White Snake

Blue Dragon and White Snake

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When war fire was burning over Chinese mainland around 1948 to 1949, tons of KMT soldiers forced to withdraw into Indochina; Lieutenant General Ho Pei-fu was the vice commander of the saying military corp; During that couple of years surviving in Vietnam, he met an Euroasian beauty hooker who became his seventh concubine after the troops returned and settled down on Taiwan Island in early1953. The Generala€™s power faded and finally lost it but he still could go on maintaining his fortune also influence through his long time founded traitional Chinese black and white networks while the young high class hooker Black Rose also took advantage to use her mobster philosophy to run out of concubine birdcage and step by step rose herself into North American business jungle... Blue Dragon and White Snake is a fictionous story formed by authora€™s immaginations also basing on that old timea€™s somehow facts, legends or unproofed rumers; the old time had been gone but people used to repeat their shits to presure empty fame, sex and money through power and blood; Life is a whore at the end........ During 1949 up to 1988 Taiwan had been under military marshal law ruling and the term a€˜White Terrora€™ used to mentioned along those years.....Fat Chowdrunk uphis morning hottea, then rode uphis a#39;ironhorsea#39; after liting one cigarette between his lips. ... herself all of a sudden, she lay on her back on thecouch then rubbed her hands around her hot box anxiously waiting Tonga#39;s a#39; rideona#39;.

Title:Blue Dragon and White Snake
Author:Jings Chen
Publisher:Partridge Publishing Singapore - 2014-12-16


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