Blue Turban Terrorist

Blue Turban Terrorist

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This story will tell you about how two U.S. Soldiers were on a fact-finding mission for the United Nations, actually for the CIA, when a Sidewinder missile struck the side of the airplane, apparently a dud made in China, it did not explode. The smoke-filled Hercules C-130 was on fire going down and in the confusion the Air Force Crew ejected everything - including the soldiers sitting in a Hummer as required while airborne. They were ejected out the rear like garbage. Their lives seemed losta€™ gone forever as the aircraft disappeared into the early morning. They landed somewhere, their radio sustained fatal damage. Lost, stranded, shaken, their courage kept them alive. Shot and wounded by terrorists, they did battle with earthquakes, volcanoes, religious artifacts and beautiful girls as they tried to get home.aquot;Willy whatare theydoing now my eyes areburning mustbe some kindof chemicals intheground thatis making smoke or thisarea. ... Or liketrue poppy: any flowering plant thatis similaror relatedto a poppy, e.g. a California poppy or Welsh poppy, orangered color:a brightred color ... the time, now Icarry them as toilet paper.

Title:Blue Turban Terrorist
Author:Bob Herrmann
Publisher:PublishAmerica - 2013-07-11


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