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Rich and real, BMom is one woman's mosaic of love, life and loss, and of being found among the pieces. No one piece is a whole, yet all are precious, together a masterpiece, and each a gem. It's God restoring the shattered pieces of my life and my soul. His fingerprints are all over it. The reader will laugh and the reader will cry, and in that, we will become friends. BMom begins with my relinquishing my infant son into the hands of parents I couldna€™t know. It moves through the intervening years until he found me, on to our reunion, and beyond. Not only was I reunited with my son, I was reunited with myself. Interspersed are various interludes that speak of lessons learned, feelings finally understood and felt, and poetry written as part of my journey. BMom is entertaining and engaging, while occasionally making a point, to be taken or not, as the reader chooses. BMom is, above all else, a good read.Most RV refrigerators have a propane option, but ours was a household model that only ran on electricity. Nevertheless, Blue Bird, always true to RVIA standards, had put the requisite sticker on the refrigerator door that tells you what to do a€œif you smell gas. ... One time when we were at the factory waiting for some repairs on the motor home to be completed, we parked the Jeep in front of the serviceanbsp;...

Author:Crissy Shreve
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-02-19


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