Body at Home

Body at Home

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Ready to save money and get fit? Jorge Cruisea€™s Body at Home is a two-in-one book for women and men that guarantees results in just two weeks with no fancy equipment, gym membership, or serious time commitment. Fitness expert Cruise has designed a series of exercises that rev up your metabolisma€“without running up your credit card billa€“no matter what your age. In Part 1, women will discover his customized plan for slimming trouble zones. In only twenty minutes, three times a weeka€“just an hour a weeka€“youa€™ll: a€c Shed inches from your belly, thighs, hips, and butt a€c Get healthier and look sexier and younger a€c Learn to eat better without counting calories or sacrificing the foods you love In Part 2, Cruise offers a distinct plan for men that guarantees the desired results. You will learn how to: a€c Get the perfect V-shape: full chest, rounded, broad shoulders, and lean waist a€c Get rid of that beer belly for good a€c Reduce your risk of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, and even Alzheimera€™s Cruisea€™s exercises are designed to help you build and maintain lean muscle massa€“the key to keeping your metabolism revved twenty-four hours a day. He shares his eating right plana€“complete with easy, delicious recipes. But best of all, he reveals his breakthrough method for gender and age customization: The Priority Solution.a„c This strategy will ignite your personal motivation to make permanent changes in your life. Body at Home is filled with stories of real men and women of all ages whoa€™ve gotten in shape thanks to Cruisea€™s methods. This is the plan youa€™ll be using to give yourself the body youa€™ve always wanteda€“for life. From the Hardcover edition.26] Incline Barbell Press. 26| Incline Unilateral Dumbbell Press. 26] Jaekknifc, 263 Seated Lateral Raise. 262 Swiss Ball Ab Roll. 263 Upright Barbell Row. 263 Weighted Russian Twist. 263 Week 5a€” l3th Workout (women) Chair Dip.

Title:Body at Home
Author:Jorge Cruise
Publisher:Harmony - 2009-05-05


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