Body, Soul, and Baby

Body, Soul, and Baby

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In a culture that rarely sees pregnancy as a journey to self-discovery, Body, Soul, and Baby offers a fresh perspective on this transformative life experience by showing women how to tune in to the cues offered by their bodies and soulsa€”as well as by the babies growing within thema€”for a healthier pregnancy, a more fulfilling birth experience, and a deeper bond with their baby. Drawing on the best of both complementary and conventional Western medicine, Dr. Gaudet has written a groundbreaking guide that shows you how to become an active participant in your pregnancy. By working with the natural processes of pregnancy, you can discover how to: a€c Pick up important signals from within about what you need, what your body needs, and what is right for both you and your baby a€c Tune in to cues that can alert you to early signs of problems a€c Use the mind-body connection to reduce stress, explore this remarkable life change, and bond with your baby a€c Nurture your whole self, including your evolving sexual and sensual needs a€c Make informed and conscious choices that reflect both your personal feelings and the latest medical information a€c Collaborate with your doctor or midwife, and build a supportive health-care team Empowering, inspiring, and respectful of the wisdom of the female body and spirit, this invaluable book also includes advice on eating right and staying active, and natural and alternative approaches to pain relief. Whether youa€™re already pregnant or preparing to be, the time to start listening to your inner wisdom is now, and the guide to doing it is here. From the Hardcover edition.A Doctora#39;s Guide to the Complete Pregnancy Experience, From Preconception to Pos tpartum Tracy Gaudet, Paula ... may also be facilitated by perineal massage before and during labor, and by doing Kegel exercises during pregnancy.

Title:Body, Soul, and Baby
Author:Tracy Gaudet, Paula Spencer
Publisher:Bantam - 2009-10-21


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