Body Talks

Body Talks

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This indispensable companion to the Diet Programme, Heal Your Weight, is a comprehensive A-Z of food facts that Judy is consistently asked about, which covers many of those conflicting opinions about foods over the past few years. Response so far to this book has been that it is fascinating and sometimes shocking reading that everyone must be aware of if they are ever to be able to negotiate the nutritional maze of current nutrition. This is combined with a 90 day diet programme diary. As you follow The Body Talks Programme during the first three months, you will notice the pattern of detox that is described in Heal Your Weight. It is a fascinating journey and by recording it in this diary, you will see the patterns emerge and learn deeply what works for you and what doesn't. This book is therefore the direct result of the body's teachings on how and what we need to eat to be healthy. The information has come directly from asking the body, through personal experience and successful results. Judy's reputation as a ground breaking gifted healer is drawing clients from all over the world, including the USA, Canada, Germany, France, the Far East, South Africa and Australia.Five years ago, many of the premises of The Body Talks Programme were revolutionary and went against most of the accepted nutritional rules of the past two decades. The results spoke for themselves, as did the basic common sense of the information the body revealed. The programme is a return to nature, to good sense, to balanced simple eating. It is firmly based in the realities of busy modern life.After all as long as the portions are small what does it matter if you have pumpkin, leeks, cooked carrots or. . .potato? ... Secondly, give an inch and too many of you take a mile. Heating the oven to bake a small baked potato hardly seems worth it, but if potato was allowed, it becomes too easy to justify perhaps a boiled, anbsp;...

Title:Body Talks
Author:Judy Cole
Publisher:Alchemist Publishing International - 2004-08-01


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