Bomber Pilot

Bomber Pilot

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q Winner of the Best Aeronautical Book Award from the Reserve Officers Association of the United States qThe sky was full of dying airplanesq as American Liberator bombers struggled to return to North Africa after their daring low-level raid on the oil refineries of Ploesti. They lost 446 airmen and 53 planes, but Philip Ardery's plane came home. This pilot was to take part in many more raids on Hitler's Europe, including air cover for the D-Day invasion of Normandy. This vivid firsthand account, available now for the first time in paper, records one man's experience of World War II air warfare. Throughout, Ardery testifies to the horror of world war as he describes his fear, his longing for home, and his grief for fallen comrades. Bomber Pilot is a moving contribution to American history.We would turn left when abreast of our target and make a bombing run from east to west. After leaving the ... our missions it usually started faintly in our headphones as we neared the enemy coast and grew louder and louder. A pilot had toanbsp;...

Title:Bomber Pilot
Author:Philip Ardery
Publisher:University Press of Kentucky - 2013-07-18


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