Bombs Away

Bombs Away

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In his acclaimed novels of alternate history, Harry Turtledove has scrutinized the twisted soul of the twentieth century, from the forces that set World War I in motion to the rise of fascism in the decades that followed. Now, this masterly storyteller turns his eyes to the aftermath of World War II and asks: In an era of nuclear posturing, what if the Cold War had suddenly turned hot? Bombs Away begins with President Harry Truman in desperate consultation with General Douglas MacArthur, whose control of the ground war in Korea has slipped disastrously away. MacArthur recognizes a stark reality: The U.S. military has been cut to the bone after victory over the Nazisa€”while China and the USSR have built up their forces. The only way to stop the Communist surge into the Korean Peninsula and save thousands of American lives is through a nuclear attack. MacArthur advocates a strike on Chinese targets in Manchuria. In actual history, Truman rejected his generala€™s advice; here, he does not. The miscalculation turns into a disaster when Truman fails to foresee Russiaa€™s reaction. Almost instantly, Stalin strikes U.S. allies in Europe and Great Britain. As the shock waves settle, the two superpowers are caught in a horrifying face-off. Will they attack each other directly with nuclear weapons? What countries will be caught in between? The fateful global drama plays out through the experiences of ordinary peoplea€”from a British barmaid to a Ukrainian war veteran to a desperate American soldier alone behind enemy lines in Korea. For them, as well as Truman, Mao, and Stalin, the whole world has become a battleground. Strategic strikes lead to massive movements of ground troops. Cities are destroyed, economies ravaged. And on a planet under siege, the sounds and sights of nuclear bombs become a grim harbinger of a new reality: the struggle to survive mana€™s greatest madness. Praise for Bombs Away a€œTurtledove is an undisputed centerpiece of the alternate-history genre, and now, to his already grand display, hea€™s adding the ambitious tale of a WWIII that could have happened. . . . Turtledovea€™s thorough research and grounded imagination work to create a frighteningly realistic past. . . . The vicarious sense of eschatological dread is always powerful and personal.a€a€”Booklist a€œAlternate-world warrior extraordinaire Turtledove delivers the opening barrage of a new speculative conflict. . . . Those familiar with Turtledovea€™s distinctive method, however, know the focus will remain on ordinary characters. . . . Definitely worth a try for Turtledove fans and armchair warriors in general.a€a€”Kirkus Reviews Praise for Harry Turtledove a€œTurtledove is the standard-bearer for alternate history.a€a€”USA Today Last Orders a€œAll quite plausible . . . Turtledovea€™s focus on the characters serves to fill out the big picture with patient, nitty-gritty detail. . . . Armchair warriors will have much to ponder.a€a€”Kirkus Reviews Two Fronts a€œA you-are-there chronicle of battle on land and sea and in the air.a€a€” Coup da€™Etat a€œThis is what alternative history is all about.a€a€”Historical Novel Society The Big Switch a€œThe Hugo Award winner continues to delight in exploring the world of a€˜what if?a€™ a€a€”Library Journal From the Hardcover edition.Lieutenant Colonel Osip Milyukov would have seemed at home at an airstrip like that. He was on the ... But if they want to make things simple for us, I dona#39;t mind.a€ a€œ Simple is ... a€œSo thata#39;s why youa#39;re going to bomb Bordeaux. The Americans areanbsp;...

Title:Bombs Away
Author:Harry Turtledove
Publisher:Del Rey - 2015-07-14


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