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Boo is an unlikely hero. The runt of his litter, class dunce in puppy training, clumsy and short-sighted - the odds are stacked against him. But there's more to little Boo than meets the eye: he radiates love and empathy. Working as a therapy dog alongside owner Lisa, he has been a true miracle worker, helping countless patients with his kindness, soft fur and warm heart. And for Lisa, suffering from her own health problems, Boo's presence in her life is an unexpected gift she continues to treasure.The usual reason given for keeping dogs off furniturea€”it makes them aggressive or dominanta€”isna#39;t supported by ... One evening as we left the store after I had just finished teaching, Boo, who had come along just for the social outing, wasanbsp;...

Author:Lisa Edwards
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2012-09-27


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