Boobs and Cookies

Boobs and Cookies

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Boobs and Cookies is a collection of 15 absurd, warped, perverse stories....Read the horrors of being enslaved to an aging pornstar. Have a nostalgic moment with a former Goth south of the border. Place yourself in a mega-mall crawling with zombie werewolves. Discover Jesus's journal and his lame second coming. Ponder why Polly hates the color orange. Smile after having a teenage shaving accident. Obey as your ex-wife hijacks your plane. Find yourself in the hospital after a controlled suicide attempt. Thank yourself for never having a painful-sex-fetish going wrong. Laugh as a bum writes a cover letter. Tear up as a miracle man's limelight vanishes. Take notes on how to evict a ghost from your apartment. Walk down a bloody farm-town courtyard. And finish by remembering how being a kid in the woods and growing up in the era of chat rooms made you who you are.As soft as cotton, my facial hair has grown and grown since I entered high school. Long and curling ... Haha. My beard matched my ass hair. Haha. ... I can figure out senior level trigonometry, but how to remove hair from my face? Not a fucking anbsp;...

Title:Boobs and Cookies
Author:Sundae Rye
Publisher:Lulu Press, Inc - 2013-11-20


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