Book and Verse

Book and Verse

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Exploding the myth that the Bible was largely unknown to medieval lay folk, Book and Verse presents the first comprehensive catalog of Middle English biblical literature: a body of work that, because of its accessibility and familiarity, was the primary biblical resource of the English Middle Ages. The medieval Bible, much like the Bible today, consists in practical terms not of a set of texts within a canon but of those stories which, because of a combination of liturgical significance and picturesque qualities, form a provisional qBibleq in the popular imagination. As James Morey explains in his introduction, although the Latin Bible was not accessible to the average English-speaker, paraphrases- systematic appropriation and refashioning of biblical texts-served as a medium through which the Bible was promulgated in the vernacular. This explains why biblical allusions, models, and large-scale appropriations of biblical narrative pervade nearly every medieval genre. Book and Verse is an indispensable guide to the variety and extent of biblical literature in England, exclusive of drama and the Wycliffite Bible, that appeared between the twelfth and the fifteenth centuries. Entries provide detailed information on how much of what parts of the Bible appear in Middle English and where this biblical material can be found. Comprehensive indexing by name, keyword, and biblical verse allows a researcher to find, for example, all the occurrences of the Flood Story or of the encounter between Elijah and the Widow of Sarephta. An invaluable resource, Book and Verse provides the first easy access to the qpopular Bibleq assembled before and after John Wyclif's translation of the Vulgate into English.The biblical material preserved in the various sermon and homily collections of medieval England was probably, even more so than ... B.xxiii (14th-15th c.; Ross, Sermons); Mirka#39;s Festial (ca. ... Three other prose cycles, each of which contains an independent translation of the gospel lection for its respective Sundays and feast days, deserve some attention. ... Its 294 sermons comprise aquot;a complete homiliary for the ecclesiastical yearaquot; according to the readings designated by the Sarumanbsp;...

Title:Book and Verse
Author:James H. Morey
Publisher:University of Illinois Press - 2000


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