Book of Dinosaurs

Book of Dinosaurs

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Dinosuars continue to provoke a powerful fascination for each new generation, and this guide to the vanished creatures of the primeval world provides answers to questions such as: what were the dinosaurs?; how and why did they evolve from lower reptiles?; what did they eat and by what other creatures were they eaten?; and what mysterious forces of nature led to their extinction? Over 300 kinds of dinosaur are described in detail and arranged in families, orders and sub-orders, from small, flesh-eating coelurosaurs to huge, plant-eating sauropods.Canyon, Texas: Panhandle Plains Historical Museum On view: local Triassic reptiles pre-dating dinosaurs Chicago, Illinois: ... On show: the worlda#39;s only mounted skeleton of Haplocanthosaurus Denver, Colorado: Denver Museum of Naturalanbsp;...

Title:Book of Dinosaurs
Author:D. Lambert
Publisher:Wordsworth Editions Limited - 1998


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