Borderline Hero

Borderline Hero

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Standing up for one's convictions has its consequences - so does doing nothing. 17-year old Curtis Moultrie of Sugarfield, Texas never felt totally comfortable with the cultural traditions and family values he grew up with. He was the independent one in his family of five and liked to hear both sides of all stories. These feelings intensify when he enrolls at a university in the north and meets some other idealistic, like-minded journalism students, including a young woman who begins to take the place of the girl he left behind. Hostilities break out back home after Texas enacts harsher new abortion and immigration laws following their long sought-after separation from the United States. Curtis finds himself conflicted as he returns home and tries to support his family while attempting to defuse the confrontations at the Mexican border with the help of his new college friends. They are not welcomed with open arms, and war is imminent as journalist-to-be Curtis begins a last-minute investigation into the chain of events that led to this catastrophic showdown. Borderline Hero tackles the age-old conundrum of doing as your are told vs. doing what feels right. Is it better to obey authority or question authority? Is it more admirable to follow in another's footsteps or follow one's instincts. When the stakes are as high as they are in Borderline Hero, these questions, at the very least, must be asked.Then there was the issue of rising costs. Without federal funding, the cost of providing public schools, colleges, highways, postal services and hospitals fell ... Those who could not afford to buy a private health insurance plan had two choices: dona#39;t get sick; or if you do, move in with your ... As major corporations in the Houston area downsized, so did Jeba#39;s business. ... home health a€œcompanions a€ to people who had health issues but couldna#39;t afford to move into an assisted living facility.

Title:Borderline Hero
Author:Kenneth Konecnik
Publisher:Author House - 2014-01


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