Born Fearless

Born Fearless

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'Hard eyes stare out of massive beards, their faces marked by the scars of battle. With these guys their webbing looks like it belongs to them, rather than it's been hung on a pair of reluctant shoulders. There's not a word been said to us, but the ante has clearly been upped. There's a dark and sinister feeling in the air. It doesn't take a genius to figure it's about to kick off.' Former SAS soldier Big Phil Campion tells it like is in this brutally honest account of his insanely dangerous life as a private military operator. From playing chicken with a suicide bomber in backstreet Kabul, to taking on pirates with his bare hands, this is true-life action-packed drama at its best.From Kidsa#39; Home to SAS to Pirate Hunter - My Life as a Shadow Warrior Big Phil Campion. by without hearing the crump, crump, crump of cannon fire or bombs, as an air attack goes in. After afew daysa#39; training with cardboard cutout AK47s, ita#39;s pretty obvious we need to move on to some real weapons. ... Wetell Hassanand Khaled that weneed to get through, and get out on the ranges withtheir lads.

Title:Born Fearless
Author:Big Phil Campion
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-09-25


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