Born in the Wild

Born in the Wild

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What do grizzly bear cubs eat? Where do baby raccoons sleep? And how does a baby otter learn to swim? Every baby mammal, from a tiny harvest mouse qpinkyq to a fierce lion cub, needs food, shelter, love, and a family. Filled with illustrations of some of the most adorable babies in the kingdom, this awww-inspiring book looks at the traits that all baby mammals share and proves that, even though they're born in the wild, they're not so very different from us, after all!Baby Mammals and Their Parents Lita Judge ... Here her cubs (usually twins) are born blind, weighing less than 2 pounds, and with only light downy fur. Mother bear nurses ... Females grow to an average of 500 pounds and males to an average of 900 pounds, the largest carnivores on land. A baby ... A female and male gray wolf raise a litter of five or six pups with the help of other adult wolves in a pack.

Title:Born in the Wild
Author:Lita Judge
Publisher:Macmillan - 2014-10-21


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