Boundless energy

Boundless energy

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Lost your get up and go? When we find we've run out of energy we often carry on regardless, because we all know life doesn't stop to let us catch up when we fall behind. Wouldna€™t you love to be able to tackle each day with vim and vigour, instead of waking up feeling even more tired than you did the night before? Wouldna€™t it be wonderful to be on top of things, and have the ''oomph'' to tackle whatever life throws at us? With the help of Elisabeth Wilson's new book Boundless energy you can reverse your flagging energy levels, and say goodbye to feeling tired all the time.Caffeine does overwork your adrenal gland which can lead to energy slumps, and too much makes you jittery. Personally, I could drink a lot more ... Dona#39;t drink it before bedtime or it may keep you awake. Which brings us to caffeine. Tea and anbsp;...

Title:Boundless energy
Author:Elisabeth Wilson
Publisher:Infinite Ideas - 2007-07-23


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