Bowed Not Beaten

Bowed Not Beaten

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I decided to write this book in the hope that it will inspire and encourage many others experiencing hardship or tough times in their lives; to face their fears, go through the dark tunnel until you capture at least a glimpse of light that fills you with hope, until you feel safe and strong enough to venture into the open space of light at the other end of your journey. Unfortunately (or should I say fortunately?) my journey goes back only as far as I can remember, which is around the age of nine years old. I often asked myself why. According to Freudiana€™s psychoanalysis, the unconscious and subconscious are part of the mind that stores repressed memories. The theory of repression maintains that some experiences are too painful to be reminded of, so your mind stuffs them in a cellar, so to speak, a theory now left to me unexplained and unanswered. Let this inspire you enough to create a better life for you and your loved ones.I take it now that blaming myselfwas possibly away ofcoping and dealing with this traumaticand terrifying ordeal; Icould only betruly thankful that this happenedto me only once. ... followed by an ambulance taking me to the Royal Preston Hospital with acaseof pneumonia. ... and although Ia#39;m unsure how long I was in hospital, I do remember that anyone enteringthe room had to wear aprons and masks.

Title:Bowed Not Beaten
Author:Wendy Ann-Marie Atkinson
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2014-12-30


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