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Along with ice fishing, bowfishing is one of the most unique, unfamiliar, intriguing, and poorly understood forms of angling. Dispensing with rod, reel, and bait altogether, this sport connects its practitioners to the most ancient and primal roots of humanity, when food was earned through the skillful use of bow and arrow. Bowfishing appeals to traditionalists and seems quite exotic, but its popularity is on the rise. Readers drawn to a more extreme and pulse-racing form of fishing will find everything they need to know here-all the equipment, licensing, clothing, gear, safety precautions, and specialized techniques and strategies necessary for a successful day stalking the waters is included. A fascinating and viscerally compelling combination of fishing, hunting, and archery, this sport provides a rare thrill. And this is the perfect guide to take along on the adventure.Once home, they can cook their fish immediately or put the catch in the refrigerator or freezer for later. Fish spoil easily, and they should be kept cool and be cleaned soon after they are caught. Fish can be stored on ice in coolers. High catchanbsp;...

Author:Jason Porterfield
Publisher:The Rosen Publishing Group - 2013-07-15


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