Bowhunting's Superbucks

Bowhunting's Superbucks

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Bowhunting's Superbucks is a compilation of thousands of hours afield and a lifetime of experiences from dozens of trophy record holders. These top-rated bowhunters share their tactics and stories of how they arrowed some of North Americaa€™s top-scoring, giant whitetail bucks. Advice from these seasoned hunters is the best information you can get to help you get a superbuck on your next bowhunting trip. Each hunt is written in the bowhuntera€™s own words, with personal memories of the hunt. Also included in each story are details about what equipment was used (type of bow, arrow, release, and sight), date and time, tactics used, weather conditions, sun and moon phase, type of terrain where the hunt took place, and whether it was on private or public land. Additional information on the hunter includes years of bowhunting experience, number of bow-killed deer, favorite hunting tactics, and more. This is a Bowhunting Preservation Alliance book.Tactics used: Tree stand, ground blind, stillhunting, stalking Favorite tactic: Treestand;youcan covermoreground when youa#39;re elevated.I sometimes ... the H.S. Fresh Earth sprayed on the bottoms ofmy boots, my face, and my neck. ScentLok? Yes Rattle? I usually wona#39;t carrythem out untilNovember. ... Ia#39;ve drilled holes through bases and threaded shoestrings throughthe holes to make them easier to carry.

Title:Bowhunting's Superbucks
Author:Kathy Etling
Publisher:Skyhorse Publishing, Inc. - 2013-12-13


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