Boxed Secrets

Boxed Secrets

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Louise Pierce Perkins has been unsuccessful in undermining Vivian Black's marriage to John Williams, The man of Louise's dreams. Louise, married hurriedly to an attorney only to prevent being disinherited by her rich aunt, still desires the wealthy heir to a ship-building business whose family is listed on the Social Register. She has discovered that her deceased mother had some safety deposit boxes and wants to know what is in them. In this part of the saga, she decides to hire a private detective to find out any secrets about her aunt, Vivian, and Vivian's mother. Louise should be careful when she asks the courts to force Emily to let her see what's in the bank boxes because she might just get it. Although Emily and Belle find out what's in the boxes, they both vow never to reveal the contents to either Louise or her brother, William. They try to protect Louise from herself and her greed. qBoxed Secretsq is the second part of the family saga about the Coleman, Pierce, and Black families. What did Louise's mother hide in the boxes to protect her children? What new tactics will Louise try to get even with Vivian? What will Louise do to maintain her own social status? Numerous revelations are made in this book about both Louise and her relatives as they try to either hide or find out what lurks inside the qBoxed Secretsq.The extra large refrigerator was separate from a large freezer and was included in the price of the house. ... The finished basementa#39;s ceiling was covered with wall board and the wall was covered with drywall and had bead board on the bottomanbsp;...

Title:Boxed Secrets
Author:Mary Jo Stanley
Publisher:AuthorHouse - 2011-05


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