Bracelet of Bones

Bracelet of Bones

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The breathtaking new adventure from the bestselling and multi-award-winning Kevin Crossley-Holland. One morning Solveig wakes to find her father has broken his promise. Halfdan, a Viking mercenary, has followed the young warrior Harald Hardrada to Miklagard (Constantinople), where he is leader of the Empress's guard. Solveig sets off in a tiny boat to find him. So begins a fierce journey of discovery and survival, where the young Viking girl will meet a ghost ship and befriend an English slave, shoot rapids, survive an arrow storm, and witness a living sacrifice. Will Solveig reach Miklagard? And will her father be there? Bracelet of Bones is a glittering novel about fathers and daughters, the clash of religions, courage and self-reliance and a perilous journey to young womanhood.Big man, a#39; he told Solveig, a#39;rather like your father, but I could see right through him. a#39; Solveig stiffened, and Odindisa sucked in her breath through ... They know how to make Sendings.a#39; a#39;Whata#39;s that?a#39; Solveig asked. a#39;Vapours. Sendings can growanbsp;...

Title:Bracelet of Bones
Author:Kevin Crossley-Holland
Publisher:Hachette UK - 2011-03-31


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