Bracelets of Light

Bracelets of Light

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Diana Bennett, goes to Capri Italy for a vacation and while on the beach of the island, she finds a woman's silver bracelet with a large red ruby. She learns their is a legend associated with the bracelet and that there is another silver bracelet for a man, with a blue stone that she must find. She then finds out that she must search the coastal towns of Amalfi Italy to find the 7 secret stones, that will reveal a secret of the bracelets. Adventure, Travel, Love, Fantasy.Stalagmites and stalactites make it look like a fairyland in here. Arion glances at his diving ... I draw in my breath as I see a large statue of a mermaid sitting on a dolphin and holding a conch shell close to her mouth. It is so perfect, that for a fewanbsp;...

Title:Bracelets of Light
Publisher:Donna Ovist -


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