Brand New World

Brand New World

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To get around a ban on alcohol advertising, a Russian oligarch starts a bank using the same name as his premium bestselling vodka. Russian Standard is still the #1 vodka and is now the largest consumer bank, issuing 77 percent of credit cards in the country. Silk Street market, the epicentre of piracy and counterfeiting in China, launches its own brand. In a press release, the new company announces that anyone using its qbrandq outside the market will be held liable. A Thai company reaches millions of consumers by installing combs in the tangled wires above the streets of Bangkok to promote its hair-care products. We live in a brand new world, where marketing is taking on incredible new forms, especially in the hyper-developing qBRICq countries: Brazil, Russia, India and China. The almost unimaginable economic growth in these nations is revolutionizing marketing across the planet. Drawing from over two years of extensive travel and research, award- inning creative director Max Lenderman shares groundbreaking marketing strategies and business models that every savvy marketer and corporate visionary needs to understand. Brisk, fascinating and a little shocking, Brand New World is both a window and a mirror into the future of global marketing. Brand New World Market Facts: * To combat piracy, Adobe released sponsored free versions of its software for in China. The Gillette logo appears next to the qcutq command. Xerox sponsors qcopyq; Citibank subsidizes qsaveq; and Tide funds qclear.q * QQ, a Chinese social networking site, boasts 300 million active accounts and a total revenue of $523 million--about four times higher than the revenues of Facebook. * Similar to Los Angelenos, whose car payments can be three times higher than their rent, Russian teens often spend more on their belt buckles than on the rest of their wardrobes.How Paupers, Pirates, and Oligarchs are Reshaping Business Max Lenderman ... in its commercial (office) network and 43, 315 LCD displays in its in-store network, installed in over 90 cities across China. ... Nintendo estimates that it lost $1 billion in sales in 2007 from piracy of its DS and Wii game lines.11 The Internationalanbsp;...

Title:Brand New World
Author:Max Lenderman
Publisher:Harpercollins Canada - 2009


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