Branded for Life

Branded for Life

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Written by a senior marketing and media executive, Branded for Life makes sense of a world where Wal-Mart is richer than 85% of the nations on earth; where well-informed, obese consumers continue to drink Coke and eat at McDonalds; where rabbis discuss market segmentation strategies to counteract declining market share; and where naming rights to newborns may be sold to the highest corporate bidder. Branded for Life explains who we really are as consumers, and how large corporations and political leaders exploit our trust. The book also provides sane, actionable advice for people who want to make a difference.Add the cost of gas, oil, licenses, maintenance, repairs, and maybe the total cost of ownership adds up to about $45, 000 ... NASCAR, Mustang, Mini Coopers, Hummers, Indy 500, Daytona 500 a€” the car culture has become a defining aspect ofanbsp;...

Title:Branded for Life
Author:Howard J. Blumenthal
Publisher:Clerisy Press - 2005


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