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For Every Woman Who Wants More from Her Relationships Within every woman is the desire for extraordinary relationships. We crave intimacy and interconnectedness, companionship and camaraderie. Yet most of us eventually begin to wonder if we want too much. As heartbreak and disappointment take their toll, we become convinced that our desire for deep connection is our downfall. Not understanding that a woman's longings are her strength, we bury or ignore this God-given compass and lose our way. Yet the desire to connect persists. We make cookies for a new family in the neighborhood, send a note of encouragement to someone at church, plan date nights with our spouse, call a friend after a bad day at work to tell her every detail because we know she cares. And still we long for more. What is behind this yearning? Is it healthy? Is it normal? Does it have a purpose? Yes, says author and licensed professional counselor Sharon Hersh--and in Bravehearts, she'll teach how your deepest longings can lead you to rich relationships and give you the courage to love with abandon. From the Trade Paperback edition.Then we would have an in-depth Bible study followed by a time of prayer, after which Dave would gently lead me into the bedroom and we would make wild, passionate love. Well... Last night I rented a movie to watch with my husband.

Author:Sharon Hersh
Publisher:WaterBrook Press - 2009-10-07


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