Breaking the Constraints to World-class Performance

Breaking the Constraints to World-class Performance

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Executives and managers seeking an alternative or complementary approach to TQM for systematic improvement of business results can realize impressive results with Breaking the Constraints to World-Class Performance. Best-selling author, William Dettmer explains how to identify and optimize the system constraints that inhibit your organization's overall performance, which is the key to becoming world-class. If you have little experience with Eliyahue Goldratt's Theory of Constraints (TOC), Dettmer's second book is for you. it is intended for anyone who wants to learn how to apply the TOC and understand how to use the thinking tools, without going into a lot of theory and details about Goldratt's concepts. Dettmer believes that any organization's performance is constrained in some way, and learning to break the constraints that impede your progress will put you on the road to becoming world-class. the process of constraint-breaking is an exercise in incremental improvement and learning how to manage it can realize continued successful performance. For more explanation and a thorough interpretation of the TOC, please refer to William Dettmer's first book, Several years ago, much public attention was focused on people who would set up thousands of such dominoes and ... an executive to tip that first domino, then stand back and watch all the tasks and activities interact to complete the project.

Title:Breaking the Constraints to World-class Performance
Author:H. William Dettmer
Publisher:ASQ Quality Press - 1998-01


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