Breaking Your Cat's Bad Habits

Breaking Your Cat's Bad Habits

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Teach Your Tabby Perfect Manners! Scoot! Hey, get down from there! Scat, cat! Are these phrases familiar to you and your beloved feline? If so, you're in good company. Cats are adventurous, intelligent, and curious creatures who often seem to delight in creating mischief and mayhem in our homes. They scale our curtains, eat our houseplants, shred our furniture, and then recuperate by snoozing on our kitchen counter tops. But must you put up with you cat's bad habits? Absolutely not! With patience and a few lessons in feline psychology, you can teach your cat perfect house manners. Lura Rogers offers tried and true advice on understanding your cat's behavior and molding it to fit your expectations of how a civilized house cat should behave. Her simple step-by-step instructions make it possible to create a happy, healthy, and harmonious home--one that can be enjoyed by both you and your feline friend.... where it is. Once your cat has grown accustomed to using both litter boxes, remove the old one. ... Spraying involves directing a stream of urine onto a vertical surface, including walls and furniture but especially around windows and doors.

Title:Breaking Your Cat's Bad Habits
Author:Lura Rogers
Publisher:Storey Publishing - 2000-12-01


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