Broke Brain

Broke Brain

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qBroke Brainq is brief travel through a traumatic brain injury by a survivor of one. Personally ita€™s feels good to finally dig-up a memorya€™s existence. These memories that relate to each other in time-line or setting gradually open avenues to this injurya€™s inception. The sensations that most enjoy with its myriad of pleasant feelings wake to roll over but the back of my heada€™s grabbed and forced down into mushy and bloody gray that forces a scream then coma at the outset. A high note with nervous tones squeals in total servility and rapidly moves with a grinding scream to claw down a blackboard. That signals an injury from the brain where all physical pain can be blocked by the injury itself but mental pain emanates oh so freely. Along with a need-to-know for all, this entire book is a preface of sorts for survivors, care-givers and perhaps professionals as well to show a brain injury and some of its effects. It should be realized that brains are like fingerprints in that theya€™re different from each other. That fact is shown in that my parents were told that I wouldna€™t wake-up and then I wouldna€™t wake-up and then I wouldna€™t make change for a dollar. Perceptions perceptions. That was about 10 years before a defunct attempt at grad school. Much healthy life underwent prologs my injury. Thata€™s how life consuming and life-altering a traumatic brain injury is.I cana#39;t use them in the creek, because well I just cana#39;t wade in long pants no, trousers. I think that Ia#39;d drag stuff that I dona#39;t ... that it holds and sucks down hard. I got to wiggle, and hear the suck noise loud, when I pullup my hard to get foot out.

Title:Broke Brain
Author:Carl D. Schultz
Publisher: - 2015-08-31


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