Broken Back Axle

Broken Back Axle

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When a country's army headquarters that is commissioned to deafeat the enemy becomes an indisputable agent of the enemey, defeat of the country is inevitable. This book is about ethnic dynamics and conflict in a multi-ethnic federation where one ethnic group sets out to eliminate an economically and academically domination one by a pogrom. The pogrom led to the secession of the oppressed ethnic group along with its minority elements in the region. In effect, a Civil War ensued. The oppressed and secessionist ethnic group, the Igbos, had the wherewithal to defeat the federal forces within three weeks, but they were internally defeated by a culture of segregation. The culturally segregated class secretly allied with the federal forces to crush the secessionist region- Biafra. The author lays down, in describing the modue operandi of the segregated class- (saboteurs), his nerve-racking experiences in the battlefiled where bonafide Biafran soldiers were hunted by their fellow comrades. Unfortunately, they did not know that they were being hunted by those they had no reason to fear. Some lucky and sincere Biafran soldiers came to know what was happening when the war was virtually over. But many did not survive the acts of sabotage. They perished in the hands of their fellow comrades. The author prescribes manifest nullification of all forms of overt and covert cultural segregation in Igbo culture for the ethnic survival. On the whole, the book demonstrates a convergence of conflict sociology, cultural anthropology, plotical history, military science, ethos of mysticism, spiritualism, and mystic philosophy in an amazing story.All of a sudden, Colonel Asoyaa#39;s aide-de-camp (ADC) brought him a packet of AC cigarettes, a French cigarette that was popular in Biafra. Cigarettes ... Then I continued to smoke without inhaling to boost up my adolescent ego. The stagedanbsp;...

Title:Broken Back Axle
Author:Obi N. Ignatius Ebbe
Publisher:Xlibris Corporation - 2010-10-21


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