Bronze Age Military Equipment

Bronze Age Military Equipment

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This book is a fascinating discussion of the development of the military equipment of the earliest organized armies. Dan Howard describes the development of weapons, armour and chariots, how they were made and their tactical use in battle. Spanning from the introduction of massed infantry by the Sumerians (c. 26th century BC) through to the collapse of the chariot civilizations (c. 12th century BC), this is the period of the epic struggles described in the Old Testament and Homer's Iliad, the clashes of mighty empires like those of the Babylonians, Egyptians and Hittites. The author draws on the latest research and archaeology, as well as his own experiences of using and making replica weapons and armour, to challenge established views and bring fresh insights to this fascinating period of military history. The main regions of discussion are the Aegean, the Near East and the Middle East but some reference is also made to other relevant cultures such as the Aryan Indians and the Shang Chinese.The timber used for making the bow must be able to simultaneously handle both of these stresses. Releasing the arrow transfers ... It is at Knossos that some of the earliest socketed bronze arrowheads were found. There are two main types ofanbsp;...

Title:Bronze Age Military Equipment
Author:Daniel Howard
Publisher:Casemate Publishers - 2011


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