Brushless servomotors

Brushless servomotors

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Rapid progress in power electronics, microelectronics, and modern control technology during the past three decades has made possible the use of brushless servomotors in motion control. This application can provide high productivity and improved product quality on the production line and in manufacturing systems and is the basis of modern industrial automation and economic development. The book is intended as a practical introduction for engineers and students who are not familiar with servomotors and motion control. The control methods described are useful for practicing engineers who want to deepen their knowledge of motion control in manufacturing systems. Power electronics, mechatronics, microprocessors, magnetic materials and many other areas are covered in this important work.Since the time constant for the variation of the rotor resistance is far larger than the time constant of the induction ... 6.47, the total block diagram is represented in Fig. 6.48. Here Ts is sampling time and Km may be proportional to the flux level as follows: Plant system (induction motor) 77 Km b+bZ-1 1-aZ-a#39; Discrete model.

Title:Brushless servomotors
Author:Yasuhiko Dote, Sakan Kinoshita
Publisher:Oxford University Press, USA - 1990


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