BSI: Starside: Death Sentence

BSI: Starside: Death Sentence

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They are the elite agents of interstellar investigation and their duty is to preserve and protect humanity throughout the galaxy. They are the men and women of the Bureau of Special Investigations (BSI) and their case files are literally out of this world. It was just a simple courier job, but it ended in disaster. More than six months after BSI agent Jamie Mendeza€™s predecessor was sent out on a mission, his ship has been found, the twenty-five-year-old agent inside deada€”of old age. The urgent message he sacrificed his life to deliver has survived in the form of a highly encrypted datafile. The encryption has kept the sensitive information safe from alien code-breakersa€”so far. But with the decryption key lost, the file is just as useless to BSI. Now agents Mendez and Hannah Wolfson must travel off-world in the ill-fated ship on a desperate mission to discover what happened to one of their own . . . and to search for the key to a secret that could set off an interstellar, interspecies wara€”one that may end with humanitya€™s extinction. From the Paperback edition.a€œYeah, thata#39;s pretty much what you said to Gunther, a€ said Jamie. a€œWhy not? A microdot is so easy to hide and so hard to find. Why wouldna#39;t Special Agent Wilcox have gone that way?a€ a€œFor starters, because the equipment to make a microdotanbsp;...

Title:BSI: Starside: Death Sentence
Author:Roger Macbride Allen
Publisher:Spectra - 2007-05-29


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