Bugging In

Bugging In

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Whether you are isolated by a heavy snow fall or flood, cut off from mains supplies by fallen power lines and burst water pipes, unable to get essential supplies because of fuel shortages or a financial crisis, or confined to home by a pandemic or terrorist bomb, most of the things you need to stay safe and well remain the same. In this book David leads you through all the preparations you need to make and measures you will need to take to care for yourself, your family and even your pets whether the situation lasts for hours or months. Based on over 30 years of professional experience, the information is provided in a practical but very readable way and although it is applicable to most places in the world, unlike most of the genre it's written with a British and European readership very much in mind. Whether you want know how to maintain food and water, power and communications, health and security, keep the kids occupied, or much more this is the book you need to read.We have a 2Kw diesel model for use at the house but we also have a 2Kw portable petrol/Propane type which serves as a back-up or for use at our ... A 2Kw model will use a half to one litre of fuel per hour, so total running time depends on tank capacity. ... A feature of generators that many people dona#39;t consider is that they run best and most reliably under 60-75% load and constantly running them onanbsp;...

Title:Bugging In
Author:David E Crossley
Publisher:Lulu.com - 2013-04-23


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