Build an HTML5 Game

Build an HTML5 Game

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If you already have even basic familiarity with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, youa€™re ready to learn how to build a browser-based game. In Build an HTML5 Game, youa€™ll use your skills to create a truly cross-platform bubble-shooter gamea€”playable in both desktop and mobile browsers. As you follow along with this in-depth, hands-on tutorial, youa€™ll learn how to: Send sprites zooming around the screen with JavaScript animations Make things explode with a jQuery plug-in Use hitboxes and geometry to detect collisions Implement game logic to display levels and respond to player input Convey changes in game state with animation and sound Add flair to a game interface with CSS transitions and transformations Gain pixel-level control over your game display with the HTML canvas The programming starts right away in Chapter 1a€”no hemming and hawing, history, or throat clearing. Exercises at the end of each chapter challenge you to dig in to the bubble shootera€™s code and modify the game. Go ahead. Take the plunge. Learn to create a complete HTML5 game right now and then use your newfound skills to build your own mega-popular, addictive game.But managing your data more effectively is just a start to making your game more fun. Appearance matters, too, and for a graphics upgrade, you can go 3D with WebGL or even use it to beef up your rendering power for 2D games. For theanbsp;...

Title:Build an HTML5 Game
Author:Karl Bunyan
Publisher:No Starch Press - 2015-03-23


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