Build This Bong

Build This Bong

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The first book ever to feature detailed directions for bongs, pipes, hookahs, and more, Build This Bong brings both the classics and entirely original showstoppers to the home workshop. Projects of all sortsa€”from a standard gravity bong to a rubber ducky hookah and a state of the art vaporizera€”come to life with Popular Mechanics-inspired illustrations and simple instructions. No fancy materials necessary: handyman Randy Stratton shows how to construct everything from common household goods. Build This Bong's 40 inventive projectsmade from melons, coconuts, snow-globes, teapots, and moreare sure to be a big, mind-blowing hit.Materials and Supplies Directions One large plastic bottle, such as a 5-gallon water bottle One large cork or stopper (sized to fit the mouth of the bottle) Approximately 8a#39; of 3a„8aquot; ID A— 1a„2aquot; OD flexible vinyl hose One 3a„8 aquot; HB A— 1a„2aquot; F brass hoseanbsp;...

Title:Build This Bong
Author:Randy Stratton
Publisher:Chronicle Books - 2010-07-01


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