Building CISCO Networks for Windows 2000

Building CISCO Networks for Windows 2000

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Microsoft Corporation, the world's largest software vendor, and Cisco Systems, the world's largest internetworking vendor, have jointly developed a common software interface for managing Cisco hardware on Microsoft networks: Cisco Network Services for Active Directory (CNS/AD). Until now, network administrators have been forced to master two completely different product interfaces to effectively manage their networks. Configuring Cisco Network Services for Active Directory is the first book announced for this enormous Information Technology audience. This book is a practical guide to managing CNS/AD. It focuses on how to promote system efficiency and improve network service by using CNS/AD to centralize network management, using the directory as a repository for all policies that govern network usage. The book also describes how to manage Cisco Internetworking Operating System (IOS) networking features and network resources in the same unified way as other enterprise resources, such as user access controls, files, and printers. * This book coincides with the launch of Windows 2000 Server, the host system for the product * This new technology promises to reduce administrative overheads * Over 500, 000 Microsoft and Cisco certification guides from Syngress have been sold over the last two years. * Cisco is red hot, and this is the merging of its technologies with Microsoft!Each interface in a server or router is given its own IP address. ... On a Cisco router, the IP address is set in interface configuration mode. DNS (Domain Name System) is important for mapping host names to IP addresses. DNS is ... DHCP ( Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is used for assigning IP addresses to hosts .

Title:Building CISCO Networks for Windows 2000
Publisher:Syngress - 2000-10-17


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