Building New Bridges

Building New Bridges

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Questions of methodology and the use of sources are fundamental to all academic disciplines. In recent years, this topic has become far more challenging as scholars are increasingly adopting an interdisciplinary approach to achieve richer and deeper analyses, particularly in the humanities and social sciences. Building New Bridges / BActir de nouveaux ponts is a collection of scholarly papers that deals with the first principles of source identification and their effective utilization. The contributors to the volume come from a wide range of disciplines and represent both French and English Canada. Together, they explore and encourage the interdisciplinarity trend a€“ around which considerable academic trepidation remains a€“ and seek to explain, for example, how historians and those in English or Lettres franAsaises analyze texts, how scholars approach paintings, photography, and film, and how the study of music relates tempo and lyrics to wider societal trends. They utilize their respective research to elucidate means of effectively employing evidence and methods to achieve richer, deeper, and more nuanced results. As a whole, the collection provides an excellent primer for scholars of methodology._ 17 _ What do the Radio Program Schedules Reveal? ... Most of the standard works on Canadian radio history are nationalistic in tone and make reference to the threat of American programming without quantifying its impact for assessment .

Title:Building New Bridges
Author:Jeff Keshen, Sylvie Perrier
Publisher:University of Ottawa Press - 2005


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