Building Today's Green Home

Building Today's Green Home

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Make Your Green Home a Reality! The modern dream home is practical, but doesn't sacrifice quality, and uses sustainable and easily maintained building materials. Building the right-sized green home involves making eco-smart decisions. In Building Today's Green Home, you'll learn all you need to know in order to make your green home a reality, including: How to choose the correct location of your building lot and what is the optimum placement of your house to take advantage of solar energy How to design the right-sized home for your needs now and in the future What are the best sustainable construction materials to use for building your home About the newest insulation materials and techniques What HVAC units are the most efficient and are the best at saving energy How to grade the building lot for natural sustainability The decisions you make today will have a huge impact on your future and the future of your children. Plus, building the right-sized energy-efficient home will free up investment capital for your retirement years. What are you waiting for? Learn how to build your green home today!Fourth, a window and a door have different traffic flow and using them will affect how you use the floor space around them (can you put a small table in front of a French door?). And finally, a high-quality, cladaluminum, low-maintenance, anbsp;...

Title:Building Today's Green Home
Author:Art Smith
Publisher:Betterway Home Books - 2009-08-01


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