Bulsa Sunsuelima

Bulsa Sunsuelima

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Sex has been sadly neglected in studies of African folktales. The present book assembles 29 erotic folktales of the Bulsa in Northern Ghana. Most of the Bulsa stories rendered here have been tape-recorded in Buli, their language. Part I of the book contains stories about sexual organs. Part II comprises stories about sexual intercourse. The erotic folktales of the Bulsa will be investigated in the context of their religious beliefs and their social practices. The book will thus give an intimate view not only of sexual views and practices, but also of the ethos and the world view of an African people. qRdiger Schottq is professor emeritus of anthropology at the University of Muenster (Germany).BUL-E0510 (BULI TEXT) (1) Ka gami ale yiewa ale ba ko ale ba ma ale bo ba yeri po. (2) Ba nyiem dan ntani saamu ... yiewa ale soa nnala miena. 04.02 Blind Man and Leper II BUL-E0510 (ENGLISH TRANSLATION) (1) 22 Bulsa Sunsuelima.

Title:Bulsa Sunsuelima
Author:Rüdiger Schott
Publisher:LIT Verlag Münster - 1996-02-01


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