Bundle of Joy?

Bundle of Joy?

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Voula Pavlopoulos won't be planning a big fat Greek wedding anytime soon. After a turbulent childhood and two-and-a-half former boyfriendsa€”if you can call them thata€”Voula's content to have alone time in her crowded apartment and drinks with her best friend, Jamie (who's never been one of those married people who ditches her pals). Voula doesn't see it coming when Jamie says the two grossest words in the English language Voula can possibly imaginea€”qWe're trying.q Of course, after qWe're tryingq comes qWe're pregnant.q Now, Jamie's busy with Lamaze class and besieged by swollen ankles, while Voula is becoming an expert on what to expect when your former wild-and-crazy girlfriend is expecting. Well, Voula's tired of sitting on the sidelines of life and has decided she'd better start living it. First step: Stop being her mother's doormat. Second step: Stop being so picky and give a guy a chance. But most importantly: It's time to say goodbye to Armando, her Italian stallion roommate, and whoever else is living in their third bedroom. That's righta€”she is going to buy a place. There are three and a half million apartments in Manhattan. Finding the right one can't be that hard. Can it?I had procured a letter from Eve Vitali, who had laughed at the request and told me a story about how she forged a letter to ... That left me in the lurch for the two personal letters of recommendation I needed. ... For example, if the co-op board didna#39;t approve me, there was nothing I could do about it, but the mind games I wasanbsp;...

Title:Bundle of Joy?
Author:Ariella Papa
Publisher:Harlequin - 2012-06-15


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