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The author, Shane Feldman, is a college-aged person suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder and bipolar. In this memoir he allows the reader to observe actual thoughts and behaviors exhibited as a manic episode occurred in a real-time journal. He allows the reader to follow him on an intimate descent and recovery from a manic episode along with providing a prologue detailing his relatively normal life and high level of functionality in the absence of devastating psychological symptoms. After the episode, Shane added a series of insightful postdated footnotes strategically located to aid the reader in fully understanding the complexity of his mind frame. The memoir is far from being simply a documentation of a disease as Shane demonstrates his poetic and perceptive brilliance in a series of satires about the relationships between religion, society, and government. Though Mr. Feldman has suffered serious psychological illness for a small percent of his life... he is one-hundred percent a writer and has written and published a wide variety of works.My car extends my penis without hurting the girl, just like my intelligence and money. I cannot be the greatest at any one thing, but I can have many great attributes that add together to give me the biggest penis, i.e. make me the most desirableanbsp;...

Author:Shane Feldman
Publisher:Trafford Publishing - 2004


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